The last journey....

An increasing amount of people are deciding to make their final departure at sea, by having their ashes scattered.


It is a beautiful and worthy farewell, which creates a unique memory for family and friends, who will always be able to return to the place where the ash was spread to reminisce about their loved one - or maybe even be able to do so whenever visiting the ocean.


It is something usually planned before passing away and can be a way of securing a beautiful departure without leaving relatives with the pressure of maintaining and paying for a grave which will inevitably be removed.


The skippers on Postbåden have extensive experience with ash scattering and turning it into a beautiful ceremony. They will be at your disposal to make this day as special as possible, tailoring it according to your specific wishes.

The minimum price for ash scattering is DKK 5000.


Send us a mail at and we will email or call you back to arrange the event.